Dear, Parent

 You have created space in your home; you have created space in your family for a hurting child. In doing so, you have chosen a life that makes you very vulnerable, a life you hold very little control over, a life that can be very anxiety-inducing, overwhelming, dysregulating, exhausting, and painful. You have also chosen a life with so much beauty and possibility in your daily purpose, a life that will expand your heart in ways you never knew were possible, a life that beholds miracles, loves big, and experiences deep joy. Parent, what you are doing every day matters so much. Your ordinary day holds precious significance. I hope you feel valued, seen, and needed. I created the coloring pages in this book for you to enjoy alongside your child while they are independently playing, for you to enjoy with your child so you can work on something together, or for your own personal enjoyment. I have found creativity to be a great form of self-regulation in my own foster/adoptive parenting. I use coloring frequently to support my body in calming down in difficult moments. I also use coloring to encourage independent play for my children. I have shared practical wisdom throughout this book to surround you while parenting a child with trauma. I hope this book serves you as you process your unique parenting journey. I hope it provides wisdom and guidance for cultivating family routines, and I hope it encourages you in what you are already doing. I have created opportunities for journal reflections and my favorite parenting ideas for supporting regulation. Use what is most helpful and doable for you; disregard what isn’t. I hope this book provides you with an easy-to-grab resource to alleviate distress, undo isolation or hopelessness, and fuel for you as you parent. You are doing such important work. You are not alone.